Harcane Powder Injection Molding Feedstocks
produced through an optimized process which highly reduces the production costs, leads to very competitive prices and performances.
The injection material exhibits the feedstock properties that made HARCANE reputation, as:
Low viscosity, which allows to completely fulfill the prints and to perfectly weld the lines. The Harcane feedstock properties offer to inject CIM parts with the same parameters as for plastic injection, which means with a low pressure and short injection cycles. A low viscosity is also required for multiple prints molds – molds until 16 prints are currently set with this feedstock.
Reduced cycle time. With such a short cooling time, the complete cycle time for a 1 cc part, for example, can be brought under 10 seconds. The decreased cycle time combined with a multiple prints mold, places the CIM process as an alternative to pressing processes, while adding the very important advantage of the 3D shaping.
High density and high mechanical properties, the organic materials in Harcane feedstock formulation provide an optimal densification of the green part, resulting in a very high sintered density. The obtained density is relatively 0.01 to 0.02 g/cc higher than obtained by pressing, with a ready-to-press material.
A 100% thermal debinding material can also be performed – besides standard solvent debinding capability – which eases significantly the global production process. According to the volume of the parts and to their wall thickness, the maximum complete cycle time – including the sintering operation – is about 72 hours for small parts to 120 hours for parts with a 4mm section. An equipment adapted to a pressing process with a ready-to-press material can be used for the thermal debinding of this HARCANE feedstock.
Oversizing factors compatible with all other feedstock factors, allowing the user to keep their own molds without any modification.

HIC – High Impact Zirconia
ceramic feedstocks with high impact resistance.
The HIC High Impact Ceramic is a Zirconia based ceramic which shows a large resistance to breakage after a drop. The bending strength does not decrease after an impact: due to the material structure, micro cracks that could appear do not propagate.
The Harcane feedstock formulations are optimized to obtain the highest sintered densities.
The loading rates, impacting the oversizing factor, are improved to get the best densifications already at the green stage.
The Harcane HIC feedstock is available in black and in white color.HIC

These two brochures present our standard Oxide Ceramics, however as we can mix whatever powder, please feel free to ask what you need.
All our feedstocks are with thermal only debinding, if needed they can come in IPA debinding version.
Process data sheets are available upon request.